How we do it

Understanding the Technical Design Requirement

  • The AES team is not just a sourcing agent but rather technical engineers with decades of experience on site installation which helps in working collaboratively with procurement teams

Focusing on Solutions

  • AES is a supplier agnostic and solution oriented platform that is not biased or limited in its sourcing relationships
  • Our independence removes any conflicts of interest in providing the best possible procurement solution

Eliminating the Middle Man

  • By accessing the factories directly and taking on the local import requirements ourselves
  • We are able to bypass the various middlemen that add layers of cost and complexity to the value chain

Designer, Developer, Contractors, Architects, Private Owners

We Provide Engineered Solutions: Review, Control & Provide Support

We Study and Analyze Client Queries

We are on road with our local contacts globally

We proactively monitor the innovations in each vertical we deal in at varying price points